Inway Ni
( Conference Chair for Search Expo / VP of Timev)

Chris Sherman
(Executive Editor of SearchEngineLand.com and President of Searchwise LLC)

Jack Ma
CEO, Yahoo China and Alibaba

Johnny Zhou, President, Google China

Allen Ko
( President, CCMedia China)

Aidan Moore
( Director,MooMu Media)

Alvin Wang Graylin
( CEO of mInfo)

Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., APR
(Founder of Searching for Profit)

Allen qu
(Netconcepts China CEO)

Ann Ting
(Managing Director and cofounder, Lexad Internet Marketing )

Andy Zhao
(BD Director)

(Search Director, iProspect Hong Kong)

Brian Chan
( CEO, CCmedia Group)

Baojie Hu

Bian Yue
( CTO of eMarketingWise and  Reseacherr of PCEM)

Bill Hunt
(President/CEO, Global Strategies International)

Bipeng Fu
( Co-founder of Dunsh.org)

Bin Liu
( CEO, Yicha.cn)

Benson Ho
(Founder and managing director of Adspert Ltd.)

Charles Shen
( the co-founder of DarwinMarketing.com)

Chris Sherman
(Executive Editor of SearchEngineLand.com and President of Searchwise LLC)

Chuming Wu
(Senior manager of Revenue Products R&D ALIBABA.COM)

Chen Ting-cheng
( Director of the Taiwan Society of Internet Marketing)

Chang Li Xin
(founder of Beihai Interactive Software Developed Ltd and the president of the company)

Calla Zhang
(The Chief Executive Officer of The China Uninet(Beijing) Corporation)

Chen Jinyong
(General Manager of Mobile Internet Unit of China Dragon Telecom Co., Ltd.)

David Niu
( the Founder of BuddyTV)

David Temple
(Regional Head of Search at Neo@Ogilvy)

Deborah Fallows
(Senior research fellow of Pew Internet & American Life Project)

Dong Che
(Senior Product Manager of  3721/ Yahoo China/ Alibaba)

(Pcpie视频搜索引擎 CEO)

Dr Mathew McDougall
(Group CEO & Executive Chairman, SinoTech Group )

Dachuan Yang
(CTO, adSage)

Deirdre McGlashan
(CEO, wwwins Consulting Greater China)

Eric Yao
(President of TIMEV IAC)

Eddie Choi
(Managing Director, Frontiers Digital Asia)

Evan Fishkin
(Generation Google)

Farah Sadiq
(VP, Online Strategy, Acronym Asia Ltd Pte)

Feng Hua
( Online General Manager of CEOCIO China)

Frank Fu
(Chief Analyst, adSage)

Francis Goh
(Senior Search Manager, Neo@Ogilvy China)

(易观国际 新媒体首席分析师)

Gord Hotchkiss
( President & CEO Enquiro Search Solutions Inc.)

(优库 CEO)

Geeta Sethi
( Pinstorm亚太总监 )

Gillian Muessig
(President, SEOmoz)

Gao lan

Gaotao Shi
(Chairman, Zhejiang TSOU Technology Co.,Ltd)

Handon Hu
(CEO of  Yo-So)

Huiping Iler
( president of WTB Language Group Inc.)

Hu Yanping
(Director of Internet Society of China Communication and Development Center)

Henry Lam
( Founder of P.cn / CTO of 265)

Inway Ni
( Search Expo Conference Chair, VP of Timev )

Jason Yin
(Managing Director of In-Stat China)

Jerry Liao
(CEO of Gtel China)

Jianfei Zhu
(Senior Software Engineer,Google)

Jim Zhang
( Marketing Director Search Frontier, Ltd.)

Jinwei Dong
(Integrated Marketing Communications
IBM China Company Limited)

John Wu
(Chief Technology Officer)

Jose Lin
(Chief supervisor of SEO techniques awoo international cooperation)

Jiting Su
( Chairman, ADA Investment Holdings Group )


Jason Lei
(VP, adSage )

Junbo Cao
(艾瑞市场咨询 研究总监)

Johnny Zhu
( Manager of ShiQi)

( Chief Operating Officer, wwwins Consulting Co. Greater China )

Koichiro Fukasawa
( CEO Wasabi Communications)

Kimberly Byers
(Senior Usability Consultant )

Kevin Wen
(founder of LightInTheBox.com )

Kai Shen
(Google AdSense Strategist)


Ian McAnerin
( Founder of McAnerin Networks)

Irene Wang
( Qualified Google Advertising Professional)

( Head of OMD Digital in Creater China)

Li Gang
( Multimedia,Nokia (China) Investment Co.,Ltd)

Laker Chen
(COO of SinoTech Group)

Mr. Yip Kwok Cheung
(CEO of Tradeeasy)

Marshall D. Simmonds
(Chief Search Strategist The New  York Times Company)

Max Huang
(Founder of Digitalwall)

Mike Grehan
(CEO, Searchvisible)

Micah Fisher-Kirshner
(Search Strategist,Red Bricks Media)

Michael Chang
(Chairman, Taipei Internet Advertising and Media Association)

Meg Wu
(Managing Director of GroupM China)

(AsiaICC Group CEO)

Pei Chen
(CEO of Zhongsou)

Qin Zhang
(Director of Web Search Department at Yahoo! China)

Qiankun Zhao
(Research Scientist of AOL Labs China)

Rand Fishkin
(CEO, SEOmoz.org, LLC)

( CEO/CTO Search Frontier, Ltd.)

Dr. Rensheng Hu
(CEO of Qian Fan )

Robbie Hills
(CEO Group M Search Asia Pacific )

Robin Liu
( Co-founder of Dunsh.org)

Remus Li
(CEO/CTO,Search Frontier, Ltd.)

Shichun Wu
( COO  & Co-Founder)

Sophie Hsieh
( Vice President of AsiaSEO)

Stephen Noton

Silvia Xiao
( Yahoo! China Search Marketing Product Manager )

Sean Lu
( Chief Consultant, UUidea)

(Director of Internet Marketing, Lexad)

Steven Li
(Ebay / Paypal 中国 渠道及行业总监)

Sara Ye
( the General Manager of China for GroupM Search)

(Co-Founder and CEO DarwinMarketing.com)

Tony Fu
(Deputy Director of DCCI,Vice-Supervisor of China Internet Research Group)

Willy Yang
(President of Allyes AdNetwork)

Wang Peng
( General Manager of Boyu Co. Ltd.)

Wang Ping
(Founder of Lention SEO)

Xiangning Zhang
( Chairman and CEO of Tixa/NarrowAD.com )

( 艾瑞咨询集团研究总监)

Xia Tao
( CEO of Alldao China)

Xixing Ke
( CEO,Emar)

Xuming he
(Syo ceo)

Yu Lijuan

Yu Yang
(CEO, Analysis International)

Yvonne Chang
( Vice President of Alibaba Group and Yahoo! China)

Yujie Chen
( Director of XPRN China )

Zhuang Chenchao
(President of Qunar.com)


Zan Hui

ZhaoHui Tang
(Principle Group Program Manager at Microsoft adCenter)

(Sales Manager of baidu)

( 唐朝国际旅行社联合创始人兼副总经理)

Zhiwei Wang
( Founder of OpenIwom )

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"It's an honor to be involved with Search Expo, the leading search marketing conference in Asia. Not only have I had the opportunity to share information, I've learned a great deal about search in Asia by attending this conference. If you are involved in search marketing in any role, you really should come to this event."
David Temple
Regional Head of Search, Neo@Ogilvy Asia Pacific

"From knowledge to networking to business leads, I have been fortunate to experience all of these things at your events. Thank you for your continued efforts on promoting the Search Engine Marketing industry in mainland China and let's keep working together to spread the good word about Search."
T.R. Harrington
Co-Founder and CEO, Darwin Marketing

"Search engine has turned up to be a leading driver of Internet businesses. We very much appreciate the efforts done by TimeV in China, which make internet companies stand close and more confident with shared ideas of SES and SEO. "
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Online General Manager of CEOCIO China

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